Hello! My name is Andrew Hercules and I am a Cambridge-based user experience (UX) researcher and designer and digital strategist. And yes, in case you are wondering, my last name really is Hercules!

Currently, I am the UX lead for Open Targets (OT), a unique public-private partnership that integrates vast amounts of genetics and genomics data to help scientists identify and prioritise potential therapeutic drug targets. As a key member of the OT Platform team, I lead all research activities designed to uncover user needs, generate and share insights with stakeholders, design solutions that respect technical constraints, and facilitate usability testing sessions to validate research and design work. I also support efforts to introduce user research and user-centred design to the wider scientific community by presenting workshops and training seminars throughout Europe.

Prior to joining the Open Targets project, I worked as a freelance digital strategist for various Canadian and European organisations. I have also worked as a designer/developer specialising in research and data repositories, a UX and UI consultant for Deloitte Digital, a communications coordinator for the University of Toronto, a writer/producer/presenter for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and a freelance writer/producer.

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