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I'm Andrew, a multidisciplinary user experience and service design expert that has designed digital and omnichannel experiences for organisations in various industries, including financial services, banking, insurance, life science research, and education.

Currently, I'm a Lead User Experience Designer for the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) working on MoneyHelper, a consumer-facing website that brings together a range of free money and pensions guidance and services. I provide end-to-end design expertise to drive the development of new user journeys and digital tools that help people manage their money and improve their financial wellbeing. This includes conducting user research, facilitating participatory design sessions and workshops, sketching wireframes, creating mockups and prototypes, and conducting usability testing. I also work closely with senior stakeholders to ensure solutions adhere to legislative, regulatory, and partnership requirements and meet accessibility and service standards.

Prior to joining the MaPS design team, I was the Product Design & Strategy Lead for Open Targets and supported the development of open-source digital tools and services that empower researchers to identify and prioritise potential drug targets. I have also worked in design and digital strategy roles for various organisations in Canada and the United Kingdom. Additionally, I have delivered lectures and interactive workshops for conferences in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, and Brazil, and have also contributed content for online design courses.

To learn more about me, check out my portfolio for samples of my work, read my blog for my thoughts on design, or get in touch.