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In March 2016, I was assigned a research and strategy project that involved working with one of the leading specialist training institutions in England. The institution wanted to replace an existing system that research staff used to submit manuscripts for internal review prior to submitting the manuscript for publication in a journal.

As the lead researcher, I conducted a series of interviews and focus groups, reviewed a previous report on replacing the system that was written in 2015, and researched the range of existing products already on the market. Based on my research, I recommended that the institution delay replacing the system and focus on developing a coherent policy to improve the submission rate. At the time, only 30-40% of manuscripts were submitted for internal review and there was confusion amongst staff as to whether or not it was mandatory to use the system prior to submitting a manuscript to a journal. My research insights and recommendations formed the basis of a 15-page summary report, which also contained:

For more information - including a project overview, key research findings, personas, and wireframes - please download the Fast-Add Manuscript System (FAMS) Case Study.