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In January 2017, an established European financial services and advisory firm conducted a review of the training programme offered to new employees. All new employees were expected to complete the training within two months of joining the company. While all new employees hired in 2015 completed the training, more than 60% completed it within two weeks of the two-month deadline. This presented a unique problem because new staff could not work on new or existing client accounts until the training was complete.

I was asked by the management team to rethink and redesign the new hire training experience. I researched different staff development and training programmes and focused on ones offered on mobile devices. At the time, the company was considering a proposal that would give each staff member a tablet for client work. To increase the value proposition for the tablet proposal, I recommended that the training be tablet-based so that users could have a flexible, tailored, anytime/anywhere experience. To support my recommendation, I created a high-fidelity mockup of a tablet-based training module, low-fidelity draft personas, and a high-fidelity persona for the new graduate user.

To further support my recommendations, I wanted to review the training completion data for 2016. However, after engaging in ethnographic research at the company’s London office, I discovered that a very complex and manual process had resulted in missing and incomplete data. As such, the scope of my project shifted away from redesigning the training programme and towards a digital transformation project. I worked with various team leads to create a pilot project that would focus on developing and implementing the tools and processes needed to accurately capture all training-related data. The pilot project was launched with the new graduate hires that started in October 2017 and is still ongoing.

For more information, please download the Financial Services Training Case Study.